We Work with Students

Academic Matters offers evaluation, direct instruction, and creation of appropriate support systems for students who require advanced learning strategies to help them succeed in school. Matching learning strategies to each student’s strengths produces confident and proficient learners. Students at Academic Matters work with Colleen Berge and other highly trained professionals to master strategies toward proficiency in mathematics, critical reading and writing, while simultaneously learning techniques to improve time management and executive functioning.

Academic Matters professionals regularly work with students who face difficulty in focusing attention, encoding information, memory retrieval, time or workload management, manipulating or articulating ideas, sensory input, planning, and similar issues. We offer practiced and proven strategies to help students compensate for these types of challenges.

After determining the student’s strengths and weaknesses, a program of remediation is constructed and a schedule set for work with Academic Matters. A meeting schedule (typically twice weekly) and a system for communication with the school and parents are established. The initial plan is typically reviewed after six weeks, at which time progress is reported and adjustments may be made in the student’s remediation program. Remediation leads to the development of unique learning styles, eliminating certain frustrations a student with learning disabilities may face in his or her school experience.

Private Tutoring

Aside from meeting with Academic Matters professionals in our office, students often receive additional assistance at home. Academic Matters professionals include highly trained specialists from different fields of academia to help students advance in specific subject areas. These tutors meet with students regularly and provide academic and moral support for students in the process of developing their own effective learning style.