We Work with Parents

We at Academic Matters consult with parents to gain a detailed academic history of their child’s strengths and weaknesses using formal data, including evaluations and school reports. In addition, Academic Matters provides consultation services for secondary school and college placement.

Regular communication with parents on their child’s progress is essential to the success of a family’s interaction with Academic Matters. All communication and information shared with Academic Matters is considered confidential.

Consultation and Evaluation

After Colleen Berge reviews relevant information, she holds an initial meeting with parents to determine the needs of the student. This consultation is followed by a conversation with the student to confirm that the range of services provided by Academic Matters is an effective match for the family’s needs. Finally, after careful evaluation, Ms. Berge identifies a plan of action that best helps the student to accomplish his or her goals in school. This step is often the result of collaboration with the student, the family and the school.

If Academic Matters is not the best source for remediation and help for the student, we will make every effort to recommend selected professionals whose known expertise can provide more effective services for a particular student.

Academic Remediation Skills Training

Academic Matters professionals construct a program of remediation and establish a preliminary work schedule, which is modified according to the needs of the student and the demands of his or her schoolwork. We also establish regular meetings and a system for communication with the school and parents. We review and adjust the student’s work plan approximately every six weeks or as needed.

Schools Search

If a student graduates or a school setting is not working for a student, Academic Matters professionals help to develop a plan for school placement. Academic Matters can help the student and the family with assistance in the search, test preparation, preparation of the application, and coaching for interviews.

College Placement

For students working with Academic Matters staff, the goal of a great fit for college is embedded in the process. Experts discuss appropriate settings and provide any needed assistance beyond that provided by the students' school or that the student can provide for him/herself independently.

Academic Matters staff coach students on their college applications, personal statements, supplemental essays and college interviews.